Adult Learners

  • As an adult learner, you may have different priorities and reasons for attending college than the traditional college student. SCC offers several paths for you depending on your goals.

    > If you would like to begin a degree, diploma or certificate program, start here. 

    > If you would like to take college credit classes, but not complete a degree, certificate or diploma program, start here. 

    > If you would like to take non-credit career training, professional development or personal development classes (also known as continuing education), start here.
  • Students of All Ages

    “There is definitely a sense of community here among the students that I really wasn’t expecting. The younger students are interested in, and learn from, the older students’ life experiences. And, I’ve got to tell you that I have learned a lot from them, too.”

    - Violet Floyd, SCC Business Management student.

    Fact: 35% of SCC's student body is over the age of 24, and the average age is 26.


  • A Supportive Community

    "At 50 years old, I had been out of school for over 20 years. It was a little tough and I admit I was scared, but once I got started I found there were a lot of people here that gave me the support I needed."

    - David Burdette, SCC Mechatronics Technology graduate.


    SCC Support Services include academic support and finding a job upon graduation.

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    Fall Classes Begin:

    August 18, 2014

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